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Digital Workflow Of
Smart Braces &
Mint Aligners


It all begins with the digital scan of your upper and lower jaw. For those who prefer or need the power of wire, clear aligners are no match. The wire reduces treatment time and office visits, and aligners can finish. For those who prefer aesthetics over speed, well Mint Aligners have you covered. The only combo treatment out there:

Smart Braces/Mint Aligners

Digital Workflow
Cosmetic Dentistry

OIP (2)
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Before and After

Digital workflow at the office of Dr. Bal, Creekside Dental Care, for cosmetic dentistry utilizes Intraoral Scanning to bring our Dental Lab into the operatory. Ensuring a win for the dental lab by direct participation, is in return a huge win for both patient and doctor. What this means is a more durable and quality smile redesign. Now thats something to smile about!

Digital Workflow
Placing Dental Implants


The digital workflow at office of Dr. Bal,  Creekside Dental Care, for implant placement begins with a virtual placement of implants after a 3D xray of patient to generate a surgical guide. This provides the doctor state of the art accuracy in placement of implants and new digitally produced smile redesign. Again, using the intraoral scanner brings the dental lab into the operatory ensuring a win for all, lab, doctor which is a big win for you the patient.

Digital Workflow
3D-Printed Dentures

No need to hold less than pleasant impression materials in your mouth at office of Dr. Bal, Creekside Dental Care. The team utilizes an intra-oral digital scanner that can scan the mouth in less than 5 minutes. Not only is it completely safe, but also improves impression accuracy. That accuracy translates into new dentures in 2 visits versus the traditional 5. Patients are very a happy with the denture fit.

Reducing the number of appts to only
instead of 5 appts using our state of the art tech

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